Case Study:

Identifying prescribing barriers

Exposing unspoken barriers between neurologists and their patients …

The issue

A ‘crucial conversation’ between doctors and patients had been previously identified as a potential leverage point for a new treatment and that occurred at first treatment switch. The goal now was to more precisely pinpoint the triggers that would lead to our client’s treatment being the preferred option in this scenario.

What We did

Discovery Dialogues with neurologists and actor patients were conducted across eight markets. We explored three patient personas for first switch, allowing us to pressure test different scenarios that might prompt prescribing of our client’s treatment.

The outcome

Mistrust over pregnancy plans was pinpointed as the single most important barrier to treatment uptake. This revealed that concerns were more deep-seated than previously understood. Neurologists side-stepped discussions about family planning, instead taking an easier route and prescribing a competitor treatment.
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