Case Study: Campaign Development

Re-Engaging with a Forgotten Brand

CS Forgotten brand

When a brand is forgotten or becomes less visible in the minds of consumers, negative consequences are almost inevitable. A decline in sales, loss of market share, erosion of equity, and reduced loyalty are just some of the issues that will arise. Reconnecting with existing customers and reaching out to new audiences is critical, but how can a company achieve this much-needed revitalisation?

The issue

Our client was a credit card brand that had not advertised in over two years. As a result, they needed to gain visibility and engagement and catch up in one of the most competitive markets there is. They recognised they needed to rebuild consumer engagement to avoid losing market share.

What we did

We identified that the brand had some exciting features and services that could significantly build emotional connection and loyalty. So, we applied our research to produce a creative platform that brought the brand and its services to life in a new advertising campaign, including a new app to grab people’s attention and further inform and engage them with the brand.



Uplift in website visits


Increase customers using the app during the campaign

Our cross-media project helped reverse the decline in commitment and drive a 15% uplift in website visits and a 13% uplift in the number of customers using the specially created app during the campaign. In other words, our campaign development service combined insights into the client’s target market and guidance on what the consumers should do after engaging with the campaign.

Create concepts that resonate with consumers and grow your brand

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