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A family of unconventional thinkers unearthing human insights that shape brand growth.

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Born out of adland

We have always been different – a challenger brand founded by an advertising planner with creativity and strategic thinking in our DNA. Today, we work closely with some of the biggest brands to reveal fresh and unexpected insights that give them a competitive edge.

To understand how people and brands operate outside of a typical marketing or insight team, we have created a diverse team that reflects the real world. There are now 350 of us working together across: London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sydney, Melbourne, and Dubai.

What our people say

Kristen Soltis, Strategist

"In just a little over a year at Hall & Partners I’ve gotten to work on research spanning a wide variety of industries and methodologies which has presented tons of opportunities to learn and grow. The team makes a concerted effort to enable people to be involved with research in their interest areas, and I’ve been part of work that I’ve found really rewarding as a result. Everyone on the team brings a lot of passion, expertise, and creativity, while never taking themselves too seriously. H&P is a genuinely enjoyable place to work."

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Uncommon culture

To cultivate an environment where unconventional thinkers can thrive, we live and work by a set of values: Community; Collaboration; Creativity; Curiosity; Courage. We experiment. We innovate. We give respect to every voice and idea. We challenge client briefs and turn problems on their head to find solutions that don’t yet exist.

Our Values


We have created an inclusive and supportive environment. Everyone is encouraged to contribute, and every idea and opinion is respected. When one of us succeeds, we all celebrate.

Careers Community


We improvise and experiment to solve problems when solutions don’t already exist. We make the complex feel simple. Our thinking delights clients and helps them see problems in a different light.

Careers Creativity


We encourage our clients, and each other to try new things, to learn and to grow. We see every challenge as an opportunity to be bold and original.

Careers Courage


We do great work by inspiring each other and having fun along the way. We forge strong connections with each other, our clients and our network by being honest and loyal partners.

Careers Collaboration


We never stop asking questions. We keep digging until we find genuinely uncommon insights. We’re always pushing ourselves to improve the value we offer to clients.

Careers Curiosity
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Why us?

Inspiring people

There are no egos, just a warm and open team who support each other to deliver award-winning work and grow as individuals. We celebrate difference, lead with innovation and champion uncommon thinking.

We are proud to have a fun, social culture and believe in the power of collaboration to deliver our best work, which is why we endorse a hybrid working approach. This enables our teams to benefit from in-person collaboration days, as well as supporting our staff to work remotely.

When you are not learning from some of the smartest insight experts, we offer an engaging LEARN training programme and interactive training sessions. We run year-round ‘Outside In’ talks hosted by thought provoking speakers covering topics across culture, marketing, and technology. These have included speakers from Microsoft, Interbrand, Levi’s, TrendWatching, and GSK, to name but a few.

Careers Award winning
Why us?

Award-winning insights

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be a part of award-winning work.

Consistently delivering industry-leading insights helps us stay at the top of our game, from embracing cutting-edge technology to accessing the hardest-to-reach audiences.

We do this for an eclectic mix of brands, including 29 of Interbrand’s Top 50 Best Brands and 16 of the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies.

Careers Opportunities
Why us?

Opportunities to thrive

We make it easy for our people to unlock their true potential by helping them to pursue their passions and seek out new experiences. This ranges from exposure to a variety of clients, teams, and specialisms, through to the freedom to work in different offices and cultures.

We use in-the-moment feedback and regular ‘Perform & Grow’ development conversations to map out your blueprint for success. We believe every person in Hall & Partners, no matter their role, should always feel challenged and supported to achieve their career goals. And this all starts with our successful Welcome programme.

Beyond our work with some of industry’s brightest talent, we prioritise helping those who are trying to make a difference in the world. One of the ways we do this is by offering a paid day off every year to volunteer for or support a cause you believe in.

What our people say

Emily Colavito, Analyst

"Throughout my time at Hall & Partners, I’ve had the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone in more ways than one. The ego-free environment in our office encourages those of all roles and seniorities to have a say in building the uncommon culture we pride ourselves in. Not only do I get to interact with my peers on a regular basis, but I also feel integrated across departments, teams, and even offices. Additionally, the H&P hybrid working approach enables each team member to find the method that works best for them, resulting in a healthy balance of both collaboration and independence."

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We welcome everyone

We are committed to nurturing a culture of inclusion and belonging at Hall & Partners, where everyone’s contribution is encouraged and valued. People with different expertise, backgrounds, opinions, and ways of thinking.

The diversity of our team and perspectives allows us to surface a wide range of ideas, propositions, and insights, creating uncommon solutions and unmatched advantage for our clients.

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Your new career

Are you passionate about building relationships? Do you love brands?

We’re always looking for curious, intelligent individuals looking to contribute to the success of some of the world’s biggest brands.

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