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Tourism Australia: sustainability challenges

CS Australian turism

Highlighting the major sustainable tourism issues across Australia.

The issue

Tourism Australia (TA), having identified that different regions across Australia face different issues surrounding tourism (resulting from different traveller types and the features of a destination that attract these travellers) , required a view of the key sustainability challenges facing each region, and state.

Having a view of the different challenges facing each region would afford TA an evidence-base to encourage regions facing similar issues to ‘talk’ to one another and take the right measures to encourage sustainable tourism practices.

What we did

This need prompted TA to engage Hall & Partners to conduct a multi-region study, using an online survey tool distributed to each Regional Tourism Office (RTO) to assess exactly which issues were dominant in each of the 40 regions.

Initially, Hall & Partners workshopped a questionnaire to allow us to get to the core of the issues facing each region, prompting responses about aspects such as the ‘type’ of traveller that frequents a region, what the primary concerns are of stakeholders in the region (e.g. waste, noise, over-tourism, cultural damage and safety, and so on), and appropriate solutions to address these.


Hall & Partners synthesised the key themes for each region in targeted, narrative-led reports, which were presented to State Tourism Organisations (STOs) in a way that enables them to take immediate action, and communicate with other STOs in a transparent fashion to drive change and limit the damaging effects on tourism in their regions.

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