Case Study: Customer Experience

Optimizing experiential delivery to drive brand fans further

CS Drive brands fruther petrolheads

Delivering connected experiences for petrolheads.

The issue

A leading automobile manufacturer needed to re-invigorate a modern classic in the face of rising competition from developing markets. An internationally renowned car festival provided a great opportunity to reconnect with opinion leading Car Enthusiasts.

What we did

Short, in the moment intercepts with festival-goers at the event, working closely with the Activation Team to integrate the research into the experience. A complementary follow-up telephone survey provided a deeper understanding of campaign efficiency and brand response relative to the competition.


ROI delivered c.20x initial investment

The activation delivered a stimulating experience, reconnecting with automotive enthusiasts, striking an emotional chord and re-igniting deeply held feelings for the brand. Like-for-like returns supported future reinvestment upweight.

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