Case Study: Campaign Development

Drone regulation communication development

CS drone regulation

Understanding and mitigating potential resistance to a major change in Australian Government processes for drone users.

The issue

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) was preparing to introduce new regulations which would require some recreational drone users to register and obtain accreditation to operate their drones, in addition to extending coverage of commercial drone operators by existing legislation. To support the legislative changes, CASA needed to put in place a communications strategy to raise community awareness and support for the upcoming requirements.

What we did

A multi-stage approach (qualitative: 8 focus groups and 2 online forums; quantitative: 2 online surveys of n=500 current/intending drone users) was conducted to build an understanding of the drone market (including current behaviours and attitudes to the changes), identify and test potential messaging, and test advertising concepts to find the best to take to market.


The insights from the research enabled CASA to size and profile its target audiences, understand the key segments they needed to engage with, validate the extent of misconception and resistance to the changes, and test and refine their communications ahead of the launch of the reforms.

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