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Culture & Trends

Understand cultural context and spot newly emerging trends.

Why is cultural awareness important for brands?

When businesses don’t have a clear, in-depth understanding of how their current and potential customers think, what makes them who they are and what influences those thinking patterns, it’s very easy to miss the mark when communicating with them.

At the very best, you lose out on potential loyalty, sales, revenue and profit. At the very worst, you can do ever-lasting damage to your brand sentiment, something that can be impossible to come back from.

That’s where cultural insights from Hall & Partners come in.

We help our clients understand changing consumer behaviours at the deepest level and use that knowledge to focus on effective communication and marketing strategies critical to business growth.

How cultural insight from Hall & Partners can help

As people, we view everything through our own, unique cultural lens. From norms to customs, habits to social codes, every business wants to understand how these cultural beliefs will influence their brands.

Different markets require different approaches, as consumer cultural sensitivities vary from country to community. These span diverse socio-economic factors, geographic, and political influences, as well as social trends and traditions.

Hall & Partners are experts at navigating this tricky terrain, helping you fine-tune your brand strategy to reflect the different cultural needs and habits of your target audience. Together, we will anticipate cultural shifts, emerging trends, threats, and opportunities by bringing the future closer, and identifying the actions you need to take right now to achieve the best outcome for your brand.

As a cultural insight agency, we know just how vital understanding people and human behaviour are. Socio-cultural trends in marketing research can help businesses validate the need for their product or service, communicate it in the right way and build long-lasting relationships for longer lifetime value.

How we help you


Cultural analysis using semiotic frameworks


Leveraging co-creation sessions (futurescaping) to shape the future


Getting closer to customers with in-the-moment mobile self-ethnography


Mapping cultural landscapes with social media listening and linguistic analysis


Spotting and analysing trends impacting your brand (including panel of futurists access, co-creative focus groups & in-depth interviews)

Helping marketers influence consumers through understanding cultural nuances

We are proud to say we have always been students of culture. We use award-winning technology for analysing culture, and then take that cultural knowledge as the basis for market research, consumer insights, and trend spotting to uniquely understand the cultural landscape your brand sits in. We identify the local nuances of different cultures, and how this impacts people’s relationships with your brand.

Whether you need to understand how different aspects of culture impact unmet category needs for a new product, or the optimal tone of voice for messaging and advertising, our cultural insight experts connect you with culture, giving you the edge over your competitors

Case studies

It’s clear that if you want your brand to continue moving from strength to strength and stay ahead of your competitors, you can’t ignore cultural elements that shape the people you want to invest in your product or services.

Practices based on fluid insights rather than static metrics will help protect your business from cultural shifts and help you maintain and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped brands leverage the power of cultural insights to great effect:

Digitally disrupting the hotel business.
Getting more orders with the UK’s largest food delivery app.
Unlocking deep drivers of prescribing behaviour.
Common questions

Our approach to creating cultural insights

We analyse the cultural signals that shape how people see their world – verbal, visual and audio. Our approach to understanding the impact of cultural environment utilises semiotic theory, behavioural economics and social science to determine how to interpret these signals.   

Our experts identify the emerging codes that are ‘Seed’ing, versus those that are more established (at the ‘Grow’ and ‘Bloom’ stages), and those that are beginning to ‘Fade’. We then work with you to futurescape the drivers of people’s outlook and decision-making, revealing the emerging trends that offer the most opportunity for your brand. 

To connect brand purpose to local culture, we uncover the roots of culture through exploring rituals, values, and traditions within local markets. We do this through a ‘Cultural Read’ and semiotic visual audit, utilising a unique blend of semiotics and linguistic analysis.

We use our dynamic qualitative research methods (e.g. pop-up communities, self-mobile-ethnography, digital focus groups, in-depth interviews, etc.) to ensure your brand purpose is culturally fluent.

Our hybrid approach helps you understand how to tailor your future marketing and communications to cultural nuances, and ensures your brand purpose is pivotal in driving sales growth.

Client resources

We’ve put together some resources to help you approach the challenge of understanding how culture impacts people. We hope you find them useful in planning your communication strategies:w

Connect with your target audience and protect your brand from cultural shifts

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