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Making a hero of the prescriber

CS prescriber

Unlocking deep drivers of prescribing behaviour.

The issue

Our client launched a new treatment for heart failure with measurable mortality and hospitalization benefits. Despite proven efficacy, adoption by the medical community had been slow. Market research showed that doctors understood and recognized the benefits of the new therapy but would only prescribe it as a ‘last option’.

What we did

Extended Hidden Depth interviews with specialists, helped explore the issues that were explicitly related to the condition/treatment. However, we also went deeper to explore hidden motivations using abstract concepts. Analysis included semiotics and drew upon literature around death and mortality. A range of psychogenic techniques revealed deeper barriers, beyond the superficial reasons identified in prior research.


Realizing that doctors, not the drug, should be the ‘hero’ of the brand story led to a complete reorientation within heart failure. A more subtle creative platform was adopted with a shift from the drug to a physician-centric perspective that highlighted the complexities of the disease as well as the crucial role of the physician.

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