Research Live: Vanella Jackson explains why a new approach to brand evaluation is needed

Vanella Jackson
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Hall & Partners Global CEO, Vanella Jackson was recently featured in an article for Research Live: 'Forwards, not backwards'.

We require a new measurement framework, one that evaluates bands against multiple ‘conscious’ dimensions and helps build strong brand relationships; one that accepts a new shift in consumer values and allows insight teams to discover innovative ways to stay close to customers and keep up to speed with their needs.

Vanella Jackson

A new framework should provide businesses with an accurate assessment of what types of conscious behaviours and actions are right for them and their audiences, and how these might fit into their overall brand strategy that acknowledges the rise of the ‘conscious consumer’.

The Covid-19 crisis has acted as a catalyst for social and political unrest and changed the way many see the world. Inevitably, this is having a huge impact on consumers in terms of what they value and what is considered important to them. There is a growing need and opportunity for brands to bring consciousness into their brand and marketing strategies, and, in doing so, help create a virtuous cycle of doing good between business, brands and consumers.