Hall & Partners win an MRS Operations Award

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MRS Oppies best data collection award

What did the judges say?

"Hall & Partners demonstrated real innovation in fulfilling a brief to research the impact of a common health issue on the lives of patients and their families. A lack of available panel profiling necessitated an innovative approach to sampling. Hall & Partners supplemented traditional panels with a mixed recruitment approach across multimedia channels, flyers and doctor and patient association referrals to target patients while safeguarding anonymity and validity of response.

Throughout the project, Hall & Partners worked hard to ensure they included the more difficult to access audiences they needed to achieve a robust and inclusive sample capable of withstanding critical review from leading medical journals and scientific congress.

Hall & Partners successfully delivered their interview target within an extremely aggressive timeline. The client was clearly impressed with the team’s sensitivity, flexibility and creativity throughout the project, and several abstracts from the resulting data have been accepted for presentation at national and international conferences."

Hall & Partners successfully delivered their interview target within an extremely aggressive timeline.

We are extremely proud of our hard-working Healthcare team and all the innovative projects they're delivering for clients across the globe.

What are the MRS Operations awards?

The Operations Awards, or 'Oppies' as they are affectionately known, are the only awards that recognise the vast amount of operations talent in the market research and insight sector.

Established in 2014, the 'Oppies' provide entrants with the opportunity to showcase the range of talent and skills employed within an organisation. Past winners have included teams that specialise in data collection, online research, smartphone technology and professional development.

Who was shortlisted in the 'Best Data Collection (Online)' category?


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