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Transform the impact of insight using our interactive data visualisation, knowledge management, and inspirational insight storytelling platform.

There has never been so much data and information available to business decision-makers. Unfortunately, the majority of the money spent on market research is wasted because it doesn’t have enough influence. Different data sources remain fragmented, and insight teams and research agencies spend too much time responding to factual requests, manually gathering information and producing reports. Even when these insights are shared, they don’t impact business decisions as they are hidden in lengthy PowerPoint reports that stakeholders don’t read. 

In a world changing with such rapidity, the value of research has never been greater, which is why we invented The Hub. Our pioneering and award-winning platform for interactive data visualisation, knowledge management and story publishing improves your business decision-making, brand performance, and customer engagement. It gives you and busy stakeholders the right information, at the right time, in the right way.

The Hub on mobile has interactive data, custom notifications and engaging insight stories

Save valuable time with AI automation and self-serve

Insight teams are being inundated with market research requests such as, ‘What do we know about millennials?’  

These time-consuming requests, alongside manually producing reports, stop insight teams from pro-actively delivering valuable insight across businesses and brands. 

The Hub houses all your existing insight in a single intuitive platform, featuring AI search and AI auto-summaries, allowing your stakeholders to self-serve with ease. This maximises the use of historical research and frees up time to focus on providing strategic advice that will impact business outcomes.

Connect your KPIs to deliver an effortless, single customer view

Insight’s biggest barrier is connecting data living in different silos. Internal culture and ownership struggles continue to limit the impact of valuable data, as decision-makers attempt to connect different data streams to paint a clear brand portrait.  

Existing systems are not built to easily integrate multiple data streams, and organisations often lack the time, dedicated resource, or remit to undertake this work effectively. 

So, how do you connect a sea of key performance indicators (KPIs), disparate data sets, internal departments, platforms and a multitude of agency partners? 

The Hub breaks down barriers quickly and securely, bringing together all your KPIs and data, whatever the source: NPS, media spend, social listening, search, brand tracking, sales, etc. 

Intuitive, interactive visualisations let you see all facets of brand performance at the touch of a button, helping you to identify red flags and growth opportunities. The Hub’s personalised homepage creates a single connected user experience (UX) bringing insight stories, announcements, data views, reports and platforms into a single destination for stakeholders. 

Impact decisions with attention-grabbing and memorable insight storytelling

Marketing decision-making has never been so fast or complex. We have access to more data than ever before, only less time to make it more meaningful.  

Insights are being delivered when a project is complete, not when stakeholders need them, significantly reducing their impact.  

Valuable insights are hidden in lengthy, unengaging PowerPoint reports that simply don’t cut through.   

Together, we use The Hub to effortlessly publish relevant, attention-grabbing and immersive insight stories and video storytelling, to engage your desired stakeholders. Tailoring insight to your most relevant stakeholders, The Hub allows you to see who has read each story, measure your reach and refine for maximum impact. 

Key features

Easily craft and publish engaging stories 

Export underlying data or charts into Microsoft PowerPoint

Integrate any data source 

Insights on story engagement (viewers, page views, etc.)

Personalise your home page, data views and notifications 

Overlay any metric, including survey and non-survey

AI search and AI document summaries

Unlimited secure storage

Automated email digests

Create custom email distribution lists

What makes The Hub stand out?

What people say

The Hub is awesome! It’s made a huge difference to our ability to self-serve and handle stakeholders requests. Our previous experience with competitor equivalents was almost entirely negative, with such portals effectively just glorified file sharing platforms. This is so much more, allowing you to review and manipulate your data however you need to. […] And it’s really quick and easy to export into whatever format you need. Better yet, Hall & Partners continue to develop it further. It’s already added huge value and made my life as a researcher so much easier.

What people say

We chose The Hub because it was well designed, easy to use, with unique storytelling capabilities and training. The Hub has allowed us to reach an audience that we’ve never been able to speak to collectively before, and is ensuring that key insights and best practices from one business are being shared across the bank. It’s already becoming common practice for our stakeholders to take a look at The Hub before coming to the insight team with a new brief. And key insights are now being shared consistently across the bank in an engaging, digestible way.

What people say

The Hub has been a transformational addition to our business in 2020. We’ve really struggled in the past to get internal stakeholders to take some ownership in accessing their data…incredible engagement with our key stakeholders.

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