Why is everyone talking about 'transformation'?

Vanella Jackson
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We live in a world where everyone around us is being disrupted and transformed by digital technology. It’s changing the way people value and interact with brands and the products and services they provide.

The challenge is to see ahead, to anticipate and predict. If only change was a steady thing … unfortunately it’s not. You can look into the future and see change on the horizon and then, all of a sudden, it’s either upon you or running ahead.

Everyone we talk to wants to find new ways to drive growth and stay ahead. They’re asking how they can transform their businesses, products and services. They want us to help identify the new technologies that can unlock innovation and create exciting new customer experiences.

Everyone we talk to wants to find new ways to drive growth and stay ahead

Spotting the right opportunities at the right time is critical. Too early then things fail to take off; too late then you lose any opportunity for competitive advantage. Timing is everything.

Predicting future outcomes requires a clear understanding of the shifting environment you’re operating in. An ability to experiment, test and learn potential outcomes of different strategies is key. And, increasingly, to do all this in real time, at the pace of the organisation’s decision making.

It’s no wonder – as we help more and more of our clients on their transformation journeys – that we hear the cry for the data and insight business to also transform itself.

We all need to transform, to move forward and embrace the new opportunities ahead of us. I hope our TRANSFORM campaign gives you some interesting stories on how others are transforming to help inspire you on your own journey.