Take action in promoting racial equality now, survey of the UK reveals

Serena Sandhu
Diversity and inclusion hero

We asked over 1000 people across the UK about their views on racism and ethnic diversity to support BT and Business in the Community’s, Manifesto For Action event.

Our findings show there is a clear call for more action to be taken in promoting racial equality. The Black Lives matter campaign helped raise awareness towards the challenges ethnic minorities face and has resulted in consensus that more must be done to alleviate discrimination and encourage equality. Now is time to move forward beyond words and focus on the meaningful actions that can be taken.

Diversity policies impact sales and hiring practices

Consumers and employees will now actively reject companies that do not have a positive ethnic diversity policy. Looking forward, most people see addressing racial inequality as everyone’s responsibility – from the government, education system, companies and indeed all of us as individuals. They do however want meaningful action. For companies, this action starts within. Actions such as investing in training and increasing the diversity of the entire workforce, are most important to address before looking externally.

Diversity policies impact sales and hiring practices

To promote meaningful long-term changes within society, everyone shares responsibility. Hall & Partners are devoted to addressing these issues with a clear manifesto, action plan, and dedicated D&I global team to help promote and drive change.