Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in a fair world with equal opportunity for all. Racism and discrimination of any kind are not tolerated at Hall & Partners.

We also believe that in our role as researchers, we represent people’s needs and wants, and so we have a responsibility to make sure every voice, from every background, particularly those of Black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups and people of color (BAME and BIPOC), are heard and truly represented.

We recognise and value what having a diverse range of talent brings to our thinking, creativity and work. We accept that there is more work to be done to ensure our teams are diverse and to challenge racism and discrimination, wherever we find it.

The Black Lives Matter movement has put a much-needed spotlight on ongoing racism within society and the limits on fair opportunity.

This is a challenge for all of us; to confront this, individually and collectively, so that we learn from what has happened and it becomes a catalyst for real change.


Three commitments

We have identified three overarching goals that we believe can have the biggest positive impact, for ourselves, our clients, our communities and society.

Promoting understanding

Promote Understanding

Sharing information and bringing real lives in to focus helps deepen understanding and create empathy between different groups and individuals.

We commit to sharing information and insight into the lives, perspectives, experiences, history, and culture of Black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups and people of colour – between ourselves, our clients and wider communities.

We commit to empowering our people to challenge inequality at work and in the wider world, through an ongoing programme of learning.

Be Inclusive

We recognise the need to proactively increase the diversity of our teams by harnessing talent from Black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups and people of colour (BAME and BIPOC). We want people to find a warm, open, safe and truly inclusive culture to enjoy and experience at Hall & Partners.

We commit to increasing opportunities for Black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups and people of colour within our teams, supporting them through coaching and mentoring.

Demand representation

Demand Representation

We believe true representation of diverse voices to Government and large corporate organisations contributes to creating a fairer world for all.

We will champion true representation in our work, with our Partners and our Clients, by ensuring the work and research we do accurately represents all the communities we serve.

We will work with our clients and their brands to ensure that Black, Asian, Indigenous and other minority ethnic groups and people of colour are represented and understood. And that their needs are acted on, so they get the policies, products, brands and communications they deserve.

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