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Campaign Performance

Campaign Development

Develop an inspiring marketing campaign that people want to participate in, share with others and build a conversation or movement around.

A successful marketing campaign takes a lot of preparation; requiring insight into your target market, understanding the best way to deliver your message to both loyal and new customers, and clear guidance on what consumers should do once they’ve engaged with your campaign.

Whatever big idea you come up with to be included in your marketing strategy, your new campaign won’t succeed unless you can elicit an emotional response from your audience.

At Hall & Partners, we’re obsessed with the connection between people, brands, and culture and how creative campaign development ties them all together.

We use that obsession, and award-winning technology to help our clients craft future marketing campaigns guaranteed to grab their audience’s attention and drive action that increases revenue.

How can campaign effectiveness be improved?

In today’s chaotic ‘always-on’ world, it is no longer enough for brand campaigns to just be distinctive. Everyone has more control over the messages they want to receive, so brands need to work even harder to truly matter in people’s lives.

Marketing and communication campaign effectiveness can be improved when your aim is to entertain, entice, and captivate your target audience with content that reflects what your customers really want.

It’s not easy to stand out – brands need to show they truly understand their different audiences by researching and personalising what people ‘See’, ‘Feel’, ‘Think’, and ‘Do’.

In short, if we want people to do something, they need to feel something – emotions drive decisions. That is the secret to improving campaign effectiveness.

Words are free, it's how you use them that may cost you.

Language and tone of voice have never been more vital for marketing messages – there is a new, heightened sensitivity and expectation for brands and their creatives to get their messaging and campaigns right. Even the best products fail without the right messaging – not knowing what to say, how to say it and to whom.

Pre-testing your messaging before it goes live – from new product launches to full-blown advertising campaign themes – ensures you understand your audience’s exact needs, values and aspirations and, crucially, what will resonate.

We identify the category language and optimal tone of voice for your campaign, pinpointing the unique emotion and competitive advantages associated with your brand, service or product. We work with you right across the creative development lifecycle (online and offline) from early ideas to copy testing, ensuring your creative campaign is rooted in core consumer motives that underpin brand choice and selection.

How we help you develop effective campaigns


Map category language using AI and social data


Develop effective and distinctive campaign assets


Pre-test, optimise and personalise your message and the marketing channels they will be published on


Evaluate and identify optimal language, tone of voice and context


Target each audience segment effectively through optimised channel planning


Predict future sales with advanced data modelling and conjoint analysis

Common questions

Our campaign development process

‘Inspiration’ and ‘personalisation’ are the new cornerstones of modern campaign marketing. To help brands inspire an audience with personalised messaging, we identify cultural context and the deeper, more intense emotional response required to move people and build a community and following.

We go beyond simply measuring the emotional response to your campaign. Crucially, we measure whether it generates sufficient emotional intensity to drive action, participation, rally a community, and generate word-of-mouth and earned media.

Our strategic consultants work with you to maximise the potential of your brand identity and community and predict the potential reach and word of mouth stimulated by your creative campaign.

Our strategic consultancy ensures you take an informed approach to channel planning. We use connected data to help you understand your key target audiences, identifying their channel behaviours, profiles, and lifestyles. We test the digital and social reach of your campaigns; how engaging they are, and what impact they have on your brand.

From TV to sponsorships, product placement to partnerships, we work with you to optimise channel effectiveness throughout the life of your campaign. Together, we develop analytical ‘Channel Maps’ to identify how each channel contributes to the building of your brand. We then use our state-of-the-art campaign channel dashboard to watch how the campaign performs in real-time.

To measure campaign growth, it is important to understand which of your strategies are driving the most effective sales and ROI for your business. We use cutting-edge, multi-variate regression modelling, connecting different data sets together to run robust predictive models. These data models are fed into an interactive ‘test-and-learn’ scenario planning tool that we call ‘Predict’. This allows you to test various marketing scenarios in a safe environment, predicting how much growth your campaign will generate.

Campaign development case studies

Here are some examples of some of the marketing campaigns we’ve developed, run, measured and reported on for our clients:

Transforming the brand strategy for a leading cancer charity.
Creating difference for a utility company.
Unlocking deep drivers of prescribing behaviour.
Developing a distinctive airline campaign for a challenger brand.
Campaign Development FAQs

Reporting on campaign performance is just as important as effectively planning and testing your next marketing campaign. Your marketing efforts will mean nothing if you can’t measure the impact and communicate your findings to other people within your business.

Every campaign provides brands with numerous learnings which can help you develop your next campaign. Knowing what metrics to focus on here is vital if you want to continue improving and generating creative ideas that get results.

In addition to campaign reporting being of enormous value in your next bout of campaign planning, any success stories can be transformed into future campaigns.

When you’ve tried and tested different approaches and know what works, you save yourself hours in planning your next campaign.

Client resources for creating engaging campaigns

We’ve collated some resources to inspire your campaign development, target audience research and help understand how to measure success:

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