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Spreading germ killer

Helping a household goods manufacturer leverage the strength of germ killer …

The issue

Our client wanted to move their existing germ killer beyond the kitchen into the bathroom in US markets. They needed insight to understand how far they could credibly stretch the brand. What such a different environment would require from the brand.

What We did

We worked with the client to understand how their brand could enter the bathroom and other domains around the home. Using our co-creation workshops, we were able to unpick the current perceptions of the brand within its existing category, and then map these needs and perceptions across new potential domains – e.g. bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Working collaboratively with consumers and creative teams, we were able to generate some exciting new concepts at speed.

The outcome

This work helped us create a roadmap for the brand to move into each domain sequentially, leveraging existing equity, with a decreasing focus on efficacy. Once re-established in the kitchen, the brand was able to build germ kill equity to then create permission to move into the bathroom.

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