Case Study:

Rewarding creative bravery

Creating difference for a utility company …

The issue

Utilities is a distrusted category beset with negative media attention. No brands have been able to successfully differentiate from competitors nor forge an emotional connection. Our client wanted to stand out from the crowd in the utilities category by doing something different and distinctive.

What We did

We carried out some exploratory co-creation research during the initial campaign development, and then undertook some evaluation research to provide clear optimisation and strategic recommendations. We were able to reassure them that the bold and humorous tone of the campaign increased emotional connection, helping to build the desired brand association and unique point of difference.

The outcome

The media campaign, fronted by the humorous brand ambassador, was successfully launched. It became a viral sensation and increased advertising awareness by 17%. We also saw a direct increase in market share for the brand, enabling it to overtake competitors to become the second largest brand in its category.
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