Case Study:

Global Bank: Digitally transforming the impact and reach of insights

Using The Hub to bring together all existing knowledge, data and insights, making insights more inspirational and influential

The issue

A leading global bank’s Customer Strategy and Insight team wanted to greatly increase both the accessibility of their insights, and the effectiveness of their internal communication. The goal was to create a single view of global customer research, to generate more customer closeness, and to transform the team’s impact on strategic decision-making.

What We did

The Hub was chosen due its unique story-publishing capabilities, complementary story-writing training, as well its cutting-edge search engine. All global insight documents from every single project are now tagged and stored, while insights team members also then publish engaging short stories to ensure key insights cut through to busy decision-makers. In addition, key data sets are automated and visualised for quick and easy access, and agencies have eliminated lengthy repeat PowerPoint deliverables.

The outcome

Global and local insights teams now plan internal communications like a campaign, with researchers acting as editors and creators, publishing weekly stories. Their time is freed up by empowering 1,000 stakeholders to self-serve for simple requests, and their value has greatly increased as insights are more widely read and used across the global banking organisation. 2020 saw 514 people log in, viewing 48 stories, downloading 7,555 reports and conducting 4,267 searches.

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