Creating a holistic view of diabetes

Melding survey data and behavioural data to create a more holistic and flexible segmentation…

The issue

Our client wanted to segment healthcare professionals (HCPs) treating diabetes, by combining survey data and behavioural data (clinical and non-clinical). This would allow for one segmentation, that blends behaviours and attitudes (via a behavioural-based typing tool), to describe and type their entire physician target list.

What We did

We surveyed physicians about attitudes, beliefs and behaviours when treating diabetes patients. We combined this data, at the respondent level, with the behavioural data provided by the client, to create a single HCP segmentation solution with segments driven by both sets of information.

The outcome

We were able to provide the client with four rich segments, along with a holistic typing tool (behavioural + survey data). These typing tools could be applied based on survey data only (for future survey recruiting) or based on behavioural data only (for typing their entire physician target list). This enabled the client to be more precise in its targeting and messaging to HCPs about diabetes.
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