Case Study:

A one-stop-shop

The Global Insight Team at this leading food delivery brand put The Hub at the heart of their platform ecosystem

The issue

Our client’s global insights team wanted to improve the efficiency and speed of reporting from three different tracking programmes covering Brand & Communications, CX and Restaurant Partners, spanning 20markets. They also wanted to greatly increase the reach and impact of insights across their entire business. Despite having a well-used intranet and a range of Tableau dashboards, they were still relying on lengthy PowerPoint reporting, which limited engagement with insights. It also meant tracking data remained siloed from other data such as Google Search and app downloads.

What We did

We brought data from the three trackers into The Hub’s automated, interactive dashboards and exploratory visualisations and gradually started reducing the scope of PowerPoint reporting. Their team started publishing stories on The Hub to global distribution lists, covering ad testing stories and larger themes such as ‘What Is Brand Love?’ and ‘How Can We Win With Vegans?”. Once usage of The Hub was embedded within their global insights team, we added search, spend and app download data, and implemented Single Sign-On to remove the barrier of people having to remember passwords, widening usage of the platform to the global marketing community, including the CMO.

The outcome

Their Hub now has over 300 active client-side users. In the words of the Hall & Partners account team, “We have to deliver strategic insights to 20 markets, covering brand, comms, CX, and restaurants. If we had to do that all via PowerPoint, we’d fall over. The Hub eliminates most small data requests from the client and stakeholders, and we deliver most of our reporting via stories, which allows us to spend more time on the ‘so what’. We also bring their varied data sources together, allowing us to view performance more holistically, e.g. linking brand consideration to Google Search share.” And from our client, “The Hub brings together data integration, and storytelling – no number crunching, just interesting stories about how our brand is performing, plus intuitive dashboards. All of our decision-makers around the business can get the full picture themselves, and we can drive the business forward in an even more meaningful way.”

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