WEBINAR: How to drive brand growth through uncertain times

Tim Wragg
Brand Growth event

In today's competitive marketplace, it's more important than ever for brands and agencies to have a clear and effective growth strategy. But how do you drive brand growth during tough economic times?

We'll show you how other companies have established evidence-led brand growth frameworks, using insights to retain relevance and drive effective marketing actions.

You'll also hear from a panel of experts, including Zurich and Visa, who will share their insights on how to build a successful brand growth framework.


Dr. Tim Wragg, Global CEO of Hall & Partners, will be chairing the discussion with:

  • Clairy Moraito: Global Head of Customer, Market & Brand Insights at Zurich
  • Neil Rycraft: Previous Head of Marketing Strategy, Insights and Analytics at Visa Europe
  • Max Raison: Director of Brand Strategy at Interbrand