Webinars | September 12th, 2023

WEBINAR: How to drive brand growth through uncertain times

Tim Wragg
Brand Growth event
Wednesday, 4 October – 11am EST / 4pm BST / 5pm CEST

Join this webinar to:

  • Get insights from experts who have successfully built and implemented brand growth strategies and frameworks.
  • Learn how to create a culture that values brand growth and aligns everyone in the organization around common goals.
  • Build a strong relationship with your agency partners and ensure that they are working towards the same goals as you.

In today's competitive marketplace, it's more important than ever for brands and agencies to have a clear and effective growth strategy. But how do you drive brand growth during tough economic times?

We'll show you how other companies have established evidence-led brand growth frameworks, using insights to retain relevance and drive effective marketing actions.

You'll also hear from a panel of experts, including Zurich and Visa, who will share their insights on how to build a successful brand growth framework.


Dr. Tim Wragg, Global CEO of Hall & Partners, will be chairing the discussion with:

  • Clairy Moraito: Global Head of Customer, Market & Brand Insights at Zurich
  • Neil Rycraft: Previous Head of Marketing Strategy, Insights and Analytics at Visa Europe
  • Max Raison: Director of Brand Strategy at Interbrand