Why technology is a double-edged sword in healthcare

Lee Gazey
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In this rapidly developing digital age, few industries are undergoing more profound changes than healthcare. Technology is empowering people to take care of their own health. It’s fuelling truly personalised interactions between professionals and patients. And it’s enabling healthcare companies to disrupt traditional business models by engaging with different customers in more dynamic, instantaneous and rewarding ways.

Yet technology is a double-edged sword – the more that we rely on it, the less our humanness appears to matter. Which is why we’ve asked some of the world’s most influential thought leaders in healthcare to analyse not just how far we’ve come but where technology is leading us. In particular, how our human qualities can come to the fore and ensure that these astonishing technological innovations serve two concurrent purposes: to help people live longer and more fulfilling lives, and to enable the growth of brands and the products and services they provide.

It’s why data and insight are such crucial ingredients in this new digitised world. They can show us what is working, who is benefiting, where global needs are, and how personal needs can be better served. And all in an instant.

The more that we rely on technology, the less our humanness appears to matter

TRANSFORM HEALTH aims to provide our industry with fresh perspectives and solutions designed to show how technology is helping us expand our horizons – and look at ways we can all keep one step ahead in what is an increasingly competitive environment.

And, most of all, how our inherent human qualities – among them our emotional responses, capacity for empathy and ability to approach problems in a personalised manner – can make technology even more potent. Not just for our industry and patients but for the ultimate beneficiaries of these healthcare transformations. People.

I hope you find our TRANSFORM HEALTH campaign a stimulating read, and that the stories on how others are transforming help inspire you on your own journey.