How AdLand’s Gen Z Workforce Will Reshape Traditional Work Environments

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Defining the Modern Workplace

As Gen Z becomes more influential in the workplace, their unique perspectives and values are beginning to reshape traditional work environments and redefine client-agency relationships. To ensure continued success for both agencies and their clients, to guarantee clients get the best people for their business, and to help the industry navigate challenging market conditions, we must understand how to create an environment to help Gen Z workers flourish best. One that fosters strong, ongoing partnerships between clients and young talent.

  • What do Gen Z value, and how does this contrast with current ways of working?
  • How have the demands of recent years impacted their perceptions?
  • What will keep young talent engaged with clients’ businesses?
  • And what should client-agency relationships look like in 2024 and beyond?

Hall & Partners conducted a qualitative research study at the beginning of 2024 for the IPA to answer these questions. The study connected with over 30 young agency professionals from creative, media, and brand agencies, client leads, and recruiters to hear how we can optimize these relationships. The findings of this study are crucial in understanding and improving client-agency relationships.

This report delves into their experiences, highlighting the generational shifts redefining workplace norms and relationships. By exploring these insights, we aim to provide valuable perspectives on bridging generational gaps and enhancing collaboration within the industry. The goal is for different generations to work successfully together to continue delivering outstanding creativity for clients.

This research builds on our previous collaboration with the IPA, where we explored the state of the client-agency relationship in the “Mad Men to Sad Men” report. By understanding the evolving dynamics from both studies, we can better navigate the complexities of modern client-agency interactions.

We extend our gratitude to all participants and contributors for their time and input in developing this paper.

Download the full report to gain deeper insights into how Gen Z is shaping the future of the communications industry and learn actionable strategies to foster a thriving, collaborative work environment.


Defining the modern workplace report