‘Zoomers’ call on businesses to be kinder to staff, more transparent and respectful of their privacy

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Being kinder towards staff is the most effective way for businesses to impact positive change in society say over two-thirds (68%) of Gen Z (18-24 years) in new, global research from Hall & Partners.

Globally, 65% of Gen Z say that businesses should do more to impact society in a positive way, compared to just 46% of over 65s

Privacy and transparency issues also ranked highest across all ages in terms of expectations of how businesses should conduct themselves and effect change.

Younger generations are particularly concerned about the increased use of remote surveillance software, referred to as “tattleware” or “bossware” as employers implement measures to keep tabs on staff working from home.

Using global research, which was used to create an inaugural ranking of the world’s 100 most conscious brands, Hall & Partners measures the pulse and shifting values of Gen Z.

The new focus of consumer attention is on Gen Z or ‘Zoomers’ the oldest of which are in their early 20s. This is a generation like no other and is set to become the most diverse and influential generation in history. Born into a world of seismic social change, they face some extremely tough conditions such as COVID-19, racism and discrimination, technology addiction, climate change and job insecurity.

And yet, when we speak to this younger generation, we discover a world of positivity in which their practical abilities to deal with these challenges belies their young years. Moving beyond simple binary decisions and embracing individualism, this is a generation that has unprecedented power to influence their peers and other generations as they move fluidly in the way they identify themselves and experience the world around them.

It’s no surprise then that businesses are having to re-evaluate their marketing and communications approach in light of a real shift in consumer values, particularly among Gen Z. How they see the world and the things they value most important to them have shifted. Greater emphasis is now being put on values such as authenticity, transparency, social equality, positive activism, diversity and inclusion. This is the language of Gen Z’s conscious consumers and its one that businesses need to fully understand and embrace.

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