Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Evolving Brand Equity Measurement

Farid Jeeawody
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In marketing, what gets measured matters. However, the measurement process can often feel shrouded in mystery. Marketers may find themselves unsure of the underlying assumptions or the rationale behind generic metrics.

This uncertainty can lead to scepticism about the effectiveness of marketing dashboards as guiding tools. It's crucial for marketers to have confidence that the metrics they're tracking are directly related to their goals and industry.

Measurement is both an art and a science. Yet, in recent years, equity measurement has leaned heavily towards a scientific approach, relying on one-size-fits-all models that overlook the unique characteristics of different brands and industries. Consequently, many brands struggle to answer fundamental questions about their current position and desired trajectory.

To address this challenge, marketing scientists require the creative freedom to design bespoke measurement models tailored to each brand, rather than having to rely on closed-box equity models. Custom models, rooted in established principles, have the capacity to uncover uncommon insights that drive brand growth. By predicting and simulating scenarios, these models empower brand managers to gain precise insights aligned with their objectives.

A bespoke approach to brand metrics is essential. Without it, metrics risk becoming matters of belief rather than actionable insights.
A bespoke approach to brand metrics is essential. Without it, metrics risk becoming matters of belief rather than actionable insights.

Marketing is a data-driven process that relies on trust in the relevance and accuracy of the data.

What is needed is a bespoke brand equity model that incorporates proven principles alongside the latest insights from brand, behavioural, and social sciences. Our Brand Growth Framework revolves around four pillars: SEE, FEEL, THINK, and DO. Each metric within these pillars is tailored to the unique goals and characteristics of individual brands and industries.

This approach offers several key benefits:

  1. Customised metrics provide tailored insights that guide decision-making at both the category and brand level.
  2. Diagnosis and enhancement of brand equity are prioritised over mere measurement, with a focus on building emotional connections that drive consumer behaviour.
  3. A clear Brand Growth Framework establishes a common language for discussions, ensuring alignment across teams and functions. This fosters a strategic approach that links brand insights with business performance.

Ultimately, our goal is to empower brands with actionable insights derived from a bespoke measurement framework. It’s not a closed box but a cohesive set of the brand health metrics that matter. By translating uncommon insights into actionable strategies, we help brands thrive in any industry.

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