Conscious Brands 100: a new way to measure world-leading brands

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A new study from Hall & Partners and Wolff Olins – Conscious Brands 100 – has revealed that conscious brands are more likely to deliver a stronger business performance and be considered by consumers.

Findings from Hall & Partners’ ‘Value Shift’ report showed that over half of consumers (57%) believe that brands need to do more to positively impact society. The COVID crisis is inevitably having a huge impact on consumers, how they see the world, what they value and what is important to them.

What is beginning to emerge is a real shift in values: we are seeing more ‘Conscious Consumers’.

We are also seeing that consumers place greater emphasis on values such as sustainability, social equality, authentic activism, diversity and inclusivity – and they have a greater expectation for actions rather than just words from businesses. Our recent work looking at conscious consumerism has shown that consumers want very different things and there is a need and opportunity for businesses and brands to show new leadership – leadership that paints a picture of a fairer, more equal world, one where everyone gets what they deserve.

57% of consumers believe that brands need to do more to positively impact society

It is in this context that we have begun to consider how conscious consumers and businesses are impacting how we value brands.

Many of our clients are now entering a period of reflection and renewal. Some are shifting their sense of purpose. Some are focused on climate action. Others are leading on diversity and inclusion. But how do you know what matters most in the eyes of global citizens? And which brands are showing the way forward (and should you follow their example)?

We felt it was time to create a new benchmark for brands - to help provide some answers and create a springboard for change. Thus, the Conscious Brands 100 was born.

What is a ‘Conscious Brand’?

A ‘Conscious Brand’ is responsive to people’s needs, moods and culture and takes responsibility by helping people, communities and the planet. Our findings show conscious brands take action across all aspects of the business; drive action internally and externally; and have authentic ‘conscious-ness’ in their DNA.

What is the 'Conscious Brands 100' index?

The Conscious Brand index uniquely evaluates brands against multiple ‘conscious’ dimensions, such as taking actions to make the world a better place, driving reform and social change, embracing diversity and inclusivity and inspiring a sense of community.

In partnership, we began constructing the research by building a base longlist of 223 of the world’s leading brands, collated from a wide range of sources including existing brand indexes and recommendations. 9,000 consumers then scored them according to 6 key dimensions of a Conscious Brand: habitual, empathy, reform, multisensory, collectivism and morality.

Together, we have used the findings to build a combined global 100 list, as well as local UK, US and China lists. This incorporates an overall Conscious Brand Score that allows us to rank and benchmark brand performance, with the ability to diagnose relative strengths and opportunities across different conscious dimensions. This has enabled us to rank some of the world's most famous brands, as well as making room for lesser-known local heroes.

Top 10 Global Conscious Brands

  1. Microsoft
  2. Headspace
  3. YouTube
  4. Pfizer
  5. Google
  6. Netflix
  7. Amazon
  8. Disney
  9. AstraZeneca
  10. Pixar

Top 10 Local Conscious Brands


  1. Huawei
  2. Microsoft
  3. Patagonia
  4. Pfizer
  5. Dr Martens
  6. AstraZeneca
  7. Kellogg's
  8. Net-a-porter
  9. Johnson & Johnson
  10. Beyond Meat


  1. Google
  2. Glossier
  3. Microsoft
  4. Headspace
  5. Amazon
  6. Apple
  7. YouTube
  8. Samsung
  9. Disney
  10. Allianz


  1. Google
  2. AstraZeneca
  3. Microsoft
  4. BBC
  5. YouTube
  6. Headspace
  7. Amazon
  8. Oatly
  9. Pfizer
  10. adidas

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Analysis of the Top 10 Conscious Brands, as well as category analysis highlighting industry trends

List of Top 10 Inspirational CEOs

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