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Brand research is essential for growing your brand. However, valuable insights often end up buried in lengthy presentations and denied the chance to inspire action.

In this article, we will explain why data visualisation and being able to tell a story matters when it comes to brand growth strategy. We will also show you a better way to leverage all of your valuable insights using a powerful brand intelligence platform to boost your brand strategy.

The problem with siloed brand insights and long presentations

Brand research is a significant investment, which uncovers valuable insight. However, no matter how good your findings are, they will not be helpful if they cannot be seen or understood by important decision-makers.

In other words, if your brand knowledge does not translate into engaging deliverables (if they sit in an inbox or hidden within a 200-page PowerPoint presentation), or if they are not able to tell a story, their impact will never be maximised.

Sometimes, you can work on your research presentations to make them more engaging but the underlying problem remains: a PowerPoint file is just a file. And files are not enough to communicate the complexity of those insights that can deliver action and help you stay ahead of the competition.

A platform for brand growth

If you want to engage stakeholders and influence decisions, you should consider using a tool capable of capturing your audience’s attention. A solution that can ensure all the implications of the research are understood, accepted, and motivate collective action.

The best way to bring these decision-making considerations into focus is by using a brand intelligence platform that can make insights visible and clear to everyone involved.

The many benefits of brand data visualisation

Our award-winning brand intelligence platform includes a native data visualisation suite and various communication tools to make insights easier to see and act on.

For instance, our solution includes brand tracking dashboards, an extensive knowledge library, and insight stories that will allow you to:

  • Proactively engage decision-makers with insights that drive customer-centric decisions.
  • Make the complex feel simple when talking to stakeholders.
  • Socialise insights across the business to maximise impact.

Our data visualisation suite can also help you improve the ROI of your insights, create an evidence-driven culture, and grow your brand. All of this is possible thanks to Enlyta Insights.

Enlyta Insights Features

Enlyta makes understanding your brand health simple, easy and engaging. This brand intelligence platform will allow you to visualise your brand metrics and KPIs, keep all your insights together, and create engaging insight stories. Let’s go through each of them in some more detail.

Brand Dashboards

Brand Dashboards

Our dashboards centralise all your important metrics into one convenient place, creating a single version of the truth so your business can make better decisions that are based on accurate and up-to-date brand metrics and insights.

Smart Search and Storage

Smart Storage

Enlyta makes it easier for anyone to find the insights they are looking for via an intuitive and user-friendly knowledge library that includes insight collections, AI-driven search and document summarising. In other words, you can search for files and reports and easily navigate through them.

Thanks to this feature, all your insights become more visible, breaking down silos and making knowledge more accessible. This can make your decision-making consumer-based and more rapid, and save you time because you can use the search functionality to find previous findings and avoid duplicating tasks.


Insight Stories

Turn your brand research into digestible and relevant stories that are also enriched with infographics, videos, charts, and quotes. Then, you will be able to use these published stories to measure your reach and track who’s read what, and what they have found useful.

Visually appealing tailored design

Our brand intelligence platform also features an appealing design and supports your own branding, including your logo and custom colours. You will also be able to download and export PPTs and XL files, integrate survey and non-survey data, and control user access, among other advanced features.

Bespoke data visualisations

Our team has industry-leading expertise in interactive debriefs, storytelling, and data presentation.

If you need help communicating your brand findings, our in-house creative studio will also help you design beautiful deliverables and bespoke visualisations to engage stakeholders and influence decisions.

Final thoughts: from insights to action

No matter how good your brand research is, insights won’t drive action unless you present them to your teams and clients in an engaging way that can tell a compelling story.

The best way to ensure everyone has access to all the relevant data is to use a brand intelligence platform. This type of solution can provide you with brand dashboards, data visualisations, search features, and file downloads - not to mention, use AI capabilities to help you simplify the work.

All of our tools and activities are designed to help you uncover uncommon insights by promoting unconventional thinking and embracing qualitative and quantitative methods.

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