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Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning Strategy

Position your brand for success with an insight-driven strategy that creates differentiation and inspires growth. 

Putting time and effort into getting your business in front of your target market is worthless if your brand positioning isn’t on point. Strong brand positioning can make all the difference in whether someone chooses to invest in your products or services or opts to invest in your competitor.

At Hall & Partners, we take a unique approach to our brand positioning strategies, working with you to truly understand your target customer and their preferred method of communication. Following this, we translate our findings into strategic outputs that influence marketing decision making.

Positioning your brand for success with an insight-driven strategy

The foundation of any successful marketing campaign requires purpose, a core idea and identity.

In the hyper-competitive landscape of screens, shelves, and messages, how do you differentiate your brand? How do you identify competitive advantage to drive long- and short-term growth? How do you create ownable, recognisable brand assets? The biggest challenge is cutting through all the noise with a clear and distinctive marketing message – one that resonates with your target audience.

A successful brand that inspires sustainable growth requires more than just rational persuasion. Successful brand positioning requires emotional investment to be at the forefront of all marketing strategies.

Elevate your brand positioning strategy with connected data and uncommon insight

Informed by the latest approaches in social science and behavioural economics, our uncommon insight helps you identify and implement brand strategies that reignite and refresh your brand from the ground up. From consumers to professionals, patients to physicians, insight managers to CEOs, we use a single strategic lens and common language to evaluate what people ‘See’, ‘Feel’, ‘Think’, and ‘Do’.

This means your customers get the products and services they deserve, helping you build commercially and emotionally rewarding brand relationships that drive sustainable growth.

How we help your brand positioning


Measure the drivers of brand growth


Define your brand's unique characteristics


Develop a compelling brand positioning statement and identify messaging and purposes that encapsulate your brand image


Create a competitive advantage


Translate your marketing and advertising campaigns into distinct relative brand experiences


Predict the impact of your positioning statement on future sales


Maximise the equity of your brand portfolio

Common questions

Our brand positioning process

The first step many businesses take when approaching a brand positioning strategy is to try to figure out what other companies have done and then try to replicate the results.

The problem with that is that you end up blending in with the crowd, which is counterproductive to your aim.

At Hall & Partners, we take the uncommon approach, dipping into our toolbox of technology to access information unavailable to your competitors; helping you create brand positioning strategies that are truly unique.

Brand relationships are built on what people ‘See’, ‘Feel’, ‘Think’, and ‘Do’ when they experience a brand. Their primary response to brand and communications is instinctive and emotional. The primary role of brands is to inspire and create a distinctive emotional connection, ensuring this is visible to all the audiences expected to drive growth.

We help you pinpoint your optimal growth segments and create effective brand positioning and differentiation. Whether it be business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) audiences, we help you inform effective portfolio management to drive growth and market share.

At Hall & Partners, we believe in strong brands that are attuned to the culture and driven by purpose. Brands should create and fulfil the emotional and rational needs of people, inspire communities, and deliver a strong return on investment.

We use innovative market research techniques and advanced data analytics to uncover unique brand territories and positionings. We are focused on helping you identify sustainable brand differentiation for long-term growth, as well as tactical opportunities for short-term growth. Social data and continuous brand tracking are then used to identify marketing effectiveness and the long-term equity measurement of your ongoing commercial performance.

Brand positioning case studies

Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped other brands identify strengths in their current position, understand their weaknesses, and what’s important to their target customers and use this to craft a new positioning with exceptional results:

Developing a new brand strategy for a fading cereal brand.
Digitally disrupting the hotel business.
ROI focus on determining best media mix for effective uplift in sales; long term strategic partnership
Brand Positioning FAQs

Today’s brands need to be relevant and memorable. We work with you to identify the distinctive assets that stick in people’s minds (for the right reasons). This process helps you build a consistent, emotional connection with your audiences, allowing you to identify and harness what makes you truly unique. 

Our brand guidance systems and advanced analytics help you identify implicit and explicit brand differences. We help your brand stay true to its purpose, ensuring you drive measurable and sustainable growth, as well as long-term brand value. 

Client resources to better understand your brand positioning

To help get you started in exploring your brand positioning and thinking about your positioning statement, we’ve put together the following resources:

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