Case Study: Brand Tracking

Tracking the evolution of a pharmaceutical company

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Pharmaceutical companies often develop therapeutic portfolios to collect a range of products, medications, treatments, and interventions and address the various aspects of a medical condition or category. The goal of such a portfolio is to offer a comprehensive and diverse set of options to manage and treat patients while also maintaining competitiveness.

The issue

Our client, a large pharmaceutical company, needed to observe how their portfolio of treatments for chronic conditions had evolved over time, and how perceptions, treatment preferences and requests for its leading brand had changed among healthcare professionals and patients. They knew that, often, investment in tracking brand performance can go to waste because their insights are static and lack actionability. So, they wanted to turn their brand tracking into a strategic, forward-looking program with deeper insights.

What we did

We analyzed how the pharmaceutical company’s portfolio had evolved over time, identifying four main waves per year with 200 patients and 60 high-performance computing’s per wave. We also compared the brand with two competitor products against perceptions of efficacy, mode and frequency of administration and convenience to uncover the true barriers to uptake.


Our insight identified three main barriers. Firstly, we found that a factor that was previously believed to be a strong driver for selection was not so. Secondly, we uncovered an important patient administration preference that bucks conventional ideas of what patients want. And thirdly, we found some patients had reservations over a specific treatment that could be overcome through strategic interventions.

For each of these key insights, we made recommendations on the barriers to improve brand performance and enhancing the relationship between this vital treatments and the patients who need them most.

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