Case Study: Campaign Development

Inspiring the future of a music awards show

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Using mixed methodologies to evaluate a famous music awards show.

The issue

Our cable TV network client had 3 objectives related to their upcoming annual awards show:

  1. Identify pre-show attitudes and interest in the show –including awareness of pre-show advertising
  2. Capture viewers’ emotional reactions to the show in real-time
  3. Understand post-show response to specific show segments and key moments

What we did

We fielded two surveys with a sample of 500+ subscribers to the network ages 14-44 (one pre-show and one post-show). The surveys were mobile-optimized and 10 minutes long for a youth-friendly, interactive experience. We also leveraged in-the-moment app-based feedback to capture viewer reactions during the show via chats and self-recorded video reactions.


Our findings provided the client with guidance on the following:

  • The impact of the pre-show campaign and its ability to drive viewership, including the effectiveness of various campaign elements by age group.
  • A specific evaluation of the red-carpet event and its ability to drive engagement.
  • Feedback on key aspects of the show itself, including viewer enjoyment of each performance, different show elements, and show host.

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