Case Study: Segmentation

Developing an effective outreach plan to bring in harder-to-reach patients

CS Patient outreach

Using a qualitative segmentation to understand the different patient segments for a chronic infectious disease and creating an effective patient outreach plan.

The issue

Our client’s treatment effectively cures an chronic infectious disease. They were at the stage where the ‘easier’ patients to target had been treated, so now they needed to design outreach campaigns for the harder to reach potential patients.

They decided to conduct a qualitative segmentation so that they could deeply understand the different segments, to develop plans for how to motivate them to seek treatment.

What we did

The patient population in question often lead very chaotic lives, so recruitment was the first challenge. We worked closely with a specialist recruitment agency, then interviewed patients where they felt most comfortable – whether it was their home, or a café on a busy city roundabout. Some of these interviews were individual and others were duos, again based on how patients’ preferences.

The interviews all followed a similar structure, but the length was dependent on each patient and the stories they wanted to tell. Our aim was to understand each person’s overall story, as well as their attitudes towards their illness and the barriers they face to accessing healthcare.
In the analysis to develop the segments, we used Maslov’s hierarchy of needs as a base. This proved invaluable for profiling the segments and identifying the ‘levers’ available to persuade the patients to seek help.


The client used our segmentation to develop an effective patient outreach plan. This was used to encourage these harder to reach patients to seek medical treatment and then take the full treatment course. This outreach plan proved successful, bringing in patients who previously had been outside of the health system.

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