Case Study: Message Testing

Driving urgency and motivation through an impactful Disease State Awareness (DSA) campaign


Inspiring change and driving influence for a well-known pharma brand.

The issue

The client needed to optimise unbranded disease state education campaign in CSU. The campaign needed to raise HCPs awareness of low efficacy of antihistamines currently widely prescribed 1L and drive earlier-line biologic initiation

What we did

Using thought models grounded in behavioural science and NLP, we conducted concept, message and campaign testing with HCPs and patients taking into account local cultural and linguistic nuances. We analysed KPI and broader, comprehensive performance of the visual, linguistic and semantic elements of the campaign to help the client further optimise the materials.


Our approach provided actionable, strategic recommendations for campaign optimisation. Using Behavioural Science, we were able to provide scientifically-backed guidance on specific tweaks needed for all campaign elements and demonstrated how different combinations of optimisations would lead to synergistic, not cumulative benefits.

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