Case Study: Brand Tracking

Driving growth among high-spending cruisers

CS cruise

A cruise brand wanted to drive growth by increasing direct bookings, specifically among customers with a higher level of spend. They had disconnected business, customer, and prospect data, and they asked us to make sense of it.

The issue

The cruise brand had a lot of data, but it was siloed and difficult to use. This made it difficult to understand what drove bookings and to identify the marketing strategies that would be most effective.

What we did

We performed a thorough Data Shake of all the company's data. We identified the data that mattered, and we integrated it into our brand intelligence platform: Enlyta Insights. This provided our client with an advanced decision-making system that integrates disparate data sets to build actionable insights.


We uncovered what drove bookings and identified the marketing toolkit needed to deliver growth efficiently. Enlyta predicted key business outcomes, factoring in awareness as a function of marketing spend, the main drivers of revenue, and the role of the brand in the ecosystem.

Transform your brand tracker into a powerful driver of brand growth.

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