Case Study: Product & Service Innovation

Delving into DNA​


The issue

Our healthcare client offers testing for both ancestry investigation and health-specific markers that could be passed on to children. In anticipation of FDA approval for the health service, our client wanted to understand which key customer segments valued each type of service (health and ancestry) and what elements were most appealing in driving uptake and adoption.​

What we did

We ran a series of in-depth interviews, with both current and potential customers, to explore important features, expectations and motivations for DNA testing. A follow-up quantitative segmentation connected potential product features to emotional triggers and deeper-life motivations for DNA kit purchases.​


Our insight informed product innovations that were developed for specific target segments. Following the FDA’s approval, the client product team fine-tuned its offering based on our segment insights and the advertising agency developed effective tailored communications for a health-focused segment.​

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