Life at Hall & Partners

A family of unconventional thinkers unearthing human insights that shape brand growth.

Born out of adland

We have always been different – a challenger brand founded by an advertising planner with creativity and strategic thinking in our DNA. Today, we work closely with some of the biggest brands to reveal fresh and unexpected insights that give them a competitive edge.

To understand how people and brands operate outside of a typical marketing or insight team, we have created a diverse team that reflects the real world. There are now 350 of us working together across: London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Sydney, Melbourne, and Dubai.

Uncommon culture

To cultivate an environment where unconventional thinkers can thrive, we live and work by a set of values: Community; Collaboration; Creativity; Curiosity; Courage. We experiment. We innovate. We give respect to every voice and idea. We challenge client briefs and turn problems on their head to find solutions that don’t yet exist.

Why us?

Our people love working at Hall & Partners for three main reasons:

Hall & Partners Inspiring people

Inspiring people

There are no egos, just a warm and open team who support each other to deliver award-winning work and grow as individuals. We celebrate difference, lead with innovation and champion uncommon thinking.

We are proud to have a fun, social culture and believe in the power of collaboration to deliver our best work, which is why we endorse a hybrid working approach. This enables our teams to benefit from in-person collaboration days, as well as supporting our staff to work remotely.

When you are not learning from some of the smartest insight experts, we offer an engaging LEARN training programme and interactive training sessions. We run year-round ‘Outside In’ talks hosted by thought provoking speakers covering topics across culture, marketing, and technology. These have included speakers from Microsoft, Interbrand, Levi’s, TrendWatching, and GSK, to name but a few.

Hall & Partners Award winning insights

Award-winning insights

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be a part of award-winning work.

Consistently delivering industry-leading insights helps us stay at the top of our game, from embracing cutting-edge technology to accessing the hardest-to-reach audiences.

We do this for an eclectic mix of brands, including 29 of Interbrand’s Top 50 Best Brands and 16 of the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies.

Hall & Partners Opportunities to thrive

Opportunities to thrive

We make it easy for our people to unlock their true potential by helping them to pursue their passions and seek out new experiences. This ranges from exposure to a variety of clients, teams, and specialisms, through to the freedom to work in different offices and cultures.

We use in-the-moment feedback and regular ‘Perform & Grow’ development conversations to map out your blueprint for success. We believe every person in Hall & Partners, no matter their role, should always feel challenged and supported to achieve their career goals. And this all starts with our successful Welcome programme.

Beyond our work with some of industry’s brightest talent, we prioritise helping those who are trying to make a difference in the world. One of the ways we do this is by offering a paid day off every year to volunteer for or support a cause you believe in.

What our people say

Our clients come to us to access the best talent and get uncommon insights that can shape distinct brand strategies.
We can’t succeed without diverse, high performing people and strong teamwork.
A career at Hall & Partners means challenging yourself and those around you to go further.
It’s a community of smart, warm and open people who want to learn, laugh and grow every day.

Tim Wragg, Chief Executive Officer

In 8 years at Hall & Partners I have built professional relationships that will last a lifetime. I kickstarted my career at a young age by learning from some of the best minds in the industry. These mentors encouraged me to play to my strengths and follow my passions. I now consider many of these people to be close friends. Fast-forward, after a brief stint at another agency, I decided to come back to Hall & Partners primarily because of the top-notch workplace environment and professional relationships I have forged. The inclusive and encouraging culture, coupled with the excellent career growth opportunities, make Hall & Partners the ideal workplace for me.

Laurence Ridgwell – Strategy Director, New York

The Chicago team has created a culture where young professionals, like myself, can thrive. From day one my team members asked me, “what do I want to get out of my experience at Hall and Partners?” It was a genuine question met with real action. I quickly found myself working on the skills I expressed interest in and began seeing immediate growth. It’s the people I work with every day that have enabled me to achieve my personal and professional goals. They provide mentorship, a diverse skill set to learn from and foster a welcoming environment where I can explore who I want to be as a professional.

Lauren Foit, Senior Analyst, Chicago

I had the opportunity to relocate to Hall & Partners’ Los Angeles office after I had started out my career in the London office, and immediately it was clear that the culture I had loved in London was a universal feature. The people I get to work with daily are diverse – not only in terms of background but also in the ways that they think about and approach our work. Collaborating with this group of individuals keeps me on my toes and always seems to open my eyes to new and unexpected perspectives.

Fatima Al-Toma, Strategy Director, Los Angeles

When I joined in 2019, I had a set idea of what I wanted to accomplish and the sectors I wanted to gain experience in, and Hall & Partners has helped me to achieve this. The open, supportive and collaborative culture at Hall & Partners means you are strongly encouraged to learn and pursue your goals. During my time in the business, I have worked across sectors I am passionate about (sports and travel), worked on pro bono projects that allowed me to work closely with amazing women, and I’m now working on the qual side of the business to develop my skills further. There is no limit to what you can achieve at Hall & Partners, you just need to be courageous enough to go for it.

Megan White, Strategist, London

Hall and Partners is a great company to work for as there are plenty of opportunities to shine and develop at your own pace.
I personally get job satisfaction when I feel like I can make a change and improve the way we are working as well as having direct contact with the client. Hall & Partners tick both of those boxes – I feel very valued and appreciated across all seniority levels. It’s a great company to work for.

Ester Teras, Project Manager, London

I started at Hall & Partners 7 years ago and, in that time, have had the opportunity to gain a great amount of variety and diversity in my work. From starting in a quantitative analyst role, to moving into a specialized team focused on mobile ethnography, and now working as a Director across mixed methods, I’ve been able to try my hand at so many different approaches to get the best results for our clients. I’ve also had the opportunity to work across teams and offices, as well as transferring from London to New York – there has been such a range of different experiences that I have benefitted from at Hall & Partners. No project is the same and getting exposure to different clients, industries, methodologies, geographies and teams has been truly unique!

Flo Halliwell, Strategy Director, New York

I joined Hall & Partners almost 3 years ago and it’s been an amazing journey of growth and learning! What inspires me most is the great work that we do for our clients and the amount of variety we have. I have worked on so many different projects and it’s changed the way I look at research and insights! From partnering clients through their business target setting to delivering insights that have positively impacted brand strategy and comms, I have been an integral part of it all. Through this time, I have built strong and trusted relationships with my clients which is something I really cherish. The best part is that in the last 3 years I have constantly evolved – every day at work is different and every piece of work challenges me in a positive way – that’s what keeps me motivated.

Anuja Gupta – Strategy Director, London

I began my career doing survey research, but never landed in a place where I got to really dig into the more technical aspects of research that I was trained to leverage. Coming to the Modellers within Hall & Partners totally changed that. I am constantly challenged in the best ways to use and expand the technical skills I wanted to center my career around. From advanced experimental methods to various approaches in machine learning, being a part of the marketing science group at Hall & Partners has been a dream fit for my interests. Moreover, the experience I get here with these advanced methods aren’t in a vacuum. I get to help drive strategic initiatives for some of the world’s biggest and most loved brands with them. It’s a joy to log on each day.

Ian Nesbitt, Marketing Science Manager, Salt Lake City

During my time at Hall & Partners, I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects spanning many different methodologies, clients, and categories, and I am able to stretch both the analytical and creative parts of my brain every day. The work is very collaborative, and I credit working closely and learning from others as one of the most influential factors in my career growth at Hall & Partners. I’ve also been able to build strong relationships with our clients and it’s rewarding to see the value they place in our work and how our insights are put into action.

Makayla Dehne, Strategist, Chicago
Hall & Partners open disability
Hall & Partners women of the future
Hall & Partners Their world
Hall & Partners omniwomen uk allies
Hall & Partners open pride

We welcome everyone

We are extremely proud of our inclusive and welcoming culture at Hall & Partners. Our teams possess a rich mixture of talent where everyone’s contribution is encouraged and valued – people with different expertise, backgrounds, and ways of thinking. The diversity of our team and our perspectives allows us to create bold, original and incredibly pragmatic solutions.

To help drive meaningful change, we created the ‘Diversity Equity & Inclusion Manifesto – Positive Difference’ with a group of thirty colleagues across the globe. As a business, this pledge helps keep us accountable as we continue our journey to drive changes across our three commitments: Promote Understanding; Be Inclusive; Demand Representation.

We also support organisations such as Women of the Future and Their World.

Join us

If you are an unconventional thinker who is passionate about uncovering fresh insights, we want to hear from you.

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A monthly newsletter bursting with thinking on how to grow your brand: from in-depth analysis to practical advice. Sign-up for the latest industry perspectives, insight reports, free-to-attend webinars, and exclusive events.

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