Smartly connect your data to unlock richer insights, while using a strategic framework to identify what’s critical to you

We don’t believe in research models; we believe in strategic frameworks built for thinking. At the start of our ‘Distil’ process, we use our FRAMEWORK to describe how people experience and build relationships with brands and organisations. It is informed by the latest thinking in behavioural economics and social science, bolstered by our breadth of experience across different markets and categories. 

This approach recognises that cultural context and social influence are the primary drivers of people’s behaviour. That people’s primary response to brands and communications is instinctive and emotional.  

We consider every aspect of what people ‘SEE’, ‘FEEL’, ‘THINK’, and ‘DO’ when building a relationship with a brand.

Our Framework for strategic thinking


People need to sense and register the brand through their distinctive assets


To cut through and stand out, brand experiences and communications need to INSPIRE

People need to feel INVOLVED and have a strong, instinctive emotional connection

They want businesses and brands to act with INTEGRITY


Brands need to INVENT continuously in order to offer useful, relevant advantages

They need to INDIVIDUALISE what they offer through personalised products and services

To answer ‘why now’, they need to INCENTIVISE


You need to make it easy for people to commit, participate, and advocate

How our FRAMEwork helps you

Think creatively with discipline

Define purpose and inspire communities

Plan and measure the different dynamics of brand engagement

Strengthen engagement across your different customers to drive growth

Optimise brand experiences and personalise marketing activity before, during, and after purchase

Tailor your brand and marketing strategy to a new, conscious consumer

Pinpoint what actions will drive future sales growth and profitability

Link employee to customer experience, and customer experience to brand engagement

Connect data sources such as sales, social, search, channel, CRM, customer experience, and brand equity

Unlock insight from previously disparate data sources

Provide a common language across your brand and businesses

A birds-eye view of customers and the connections between them

Connecting data to unlock its true value

To give you a 360-degree view of your customers, we connect all your behavioural and attitudinal data collected at the ‘Gather’ stage smartly. This unearths previously hidden insight to reveal a deeper and richer understanding of your customers. It is these golden nuggets that guide and shape your strategies for future growth. Our experts then harness innovative predictive analytics to ‘Map’ where you are now and identify the ‘Path’ to where you want to go.

All this important information is then fed into our ‘Test and learn’ scenario planning tool, to test your different strategies and predict future outcomes, including sales.

Data analysis & predictive modelling tools

Living Segmentation

Refreshable customer segmentation

Analytical Maps

People, competitor, territory, channel, and brand driver maps

Predictive optimisation paths

Product & price conjoint
Message conjoint
Channel paths

Market-mix modelling

Channel mix-modelling
Long-term and short-term ROI

Predict Scenario planning

Data fusion modelling
Test-and-learn simulations

Our unique approach...

The Hub

Award-winning data discovery, knowledge management and insight storytelling platform


The best research tools and approaches to gather your most valuable data


Smartly connect your data to unlock richer insights, and use a strategic framework to identify what’s critical to you


Experiential storytelling, strategic advice and creative experiences to transform the impact of your insight

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