Toys for boys

Using boy segments to optimise positioning of toys …

The issue

Our client has a wide portfolio of toy brands and product lines. They were looking to better position their different types of boy-focused toys. The insights needed to cover their own brands, competitors and up-and-coming franchises (study needed to look at Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Hot Wheels, Lego, Nerf, and more).

What We did

Our research focused on exploring the need for play, looking at imagination, education, physical activity, group games. By linking these emotions and motivations with behaviours, we created a ‘living’ segmentation that could be applied to our client’s full portfolio across the entire boy toy category.

The outcome

Our work uncovered white space for franchise partnerships, changed in-store placement and focused on certain cross-selling opportunities for their brands. The client also updated their marketing, messaging and channel communications to present more targeted messaging to different age groups.
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