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Spirit of Tasmania: An all round strategic partnership

ROI focus on determining best media mix for effective uplift in sales; long term strategic partnership

The issue

Spirit of Tasmania have a regular need to understand and monitor overall brand health in conjunction with developing insights to optimise the impact of their marketing efforts.

What We did

Since 2015, we have conducted a consolidated research program consisting of Media Mix Modelling, Brand and Communications tracking.

Conducted biannually from 2015 to the start of 2020, our Media Mix Modelling has involved assembling an extensive time series database from internal and external sources to form the basis of a highly sophisticated predictive modelling exercise to isolate the relative contribution of different factors to driving passenger bookings. More specifically, this relates to understanding the intricacies of different media and campaigns working in conjunction with one another.

Conducted annually, our Brand and Communications tracking utilises our proprietary Engager™ framework as a means of monitoring brand health in conjunction with our Reach, Response and Impact approach to communications tracking to close loop on how a campaign is performing from a diagnostic perspective. Our latest iteration of tracking is currently in progress.

The outcome

As a consolidated research program, we have been able to identify exactly where and when the effects of marketing activity are likely to have the greatest impact to coincide with Spirit of Tasmania’s core planning cycle through the Media Mix Modelling. The complimentary nature of the communications tracking has meant that we are able play a role in identifying the creative elements of campaigns which work best. Meanwhile, the benefits of the brand tracking have enabled the identification of tactical elements to focus on as part of their wider communication initiatives.

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