Case Study:

Predicting profits

Optimising both short-term and long-term ROI for a leading technology brand …

The issue

Our client was facing increased pressure to drive profitability and needed to establish the optimal balance of investment between short-term marketing tactics and long-term brand-building activity. Whilst brand building was key for the client, it had never previously been measured and was therefore hard to justify financially.

What We did

A multi-layered econometric model isolated and measured the impact from both short- and long-term marketing activities. We specifically identified the key FEEL and THINK brand metrics that were strongly linked to business performance, accounting for nearly 40% of the long-term base sales.

The outcome

We recommended upweighting TV and Digital investment for a new brand-focused ‘Innovation’ campaign that focused on several key brand associations, including Security, WPMF and For People Like Me. The resulting increases in emotional connection with the brand led to an increase in sales of 6%, substantially ahead of forecast.

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