Case Study:

Bundling impact

Looking at different Tech service bundles and pricing impact

The issue

Our client wanted to identify the value of adding the right services into ‘good’, ‘better’ and ‘best’ bundles and develop the right pricing strategy for each bundle to optimise revenue and preference. Overall, they wanted to validate the correct service bundles to take to market.

What We did

We used our unique predictive Path approach, using discrete choice modelling, to show various service bundle options to IT decision-makers at a variety of organisations. We analysed about 40 services in six countries at three different business sizes. This enabled us to look at key subgroups and determine key preferences for small, medium- and enterprise-sized companies.

The outcome

We were able to accurately assess the key services and proposed pricing for each of the good, better and best bundles. This was also while pinpointing the willingness to pay for each of those service bundles. Our predictive modelling provided the sales groups with the best offering to maximise revenue.

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