Case Study: ,

A crisis of brand faith

Recovering from negative publicity in the gaming industry …

The issue

A well-known gaming brand suffered negative publicity when, for a prolonged period, it couldn’t award prizes to winners. Even though some issues were outside of its control, the negative coverage led to a sharp decline in consumer loyalty, engagement and faith in the brand, all of which we needed to urgently repair.

What We did

We uncovered the full impact of the crisis on the brand’s integrity and equities through continuous brand tracking. We identified the new perceptual obstacles the brand would need to overcome in order to repair the damage. Message testing helped us identify the optimum communication strategy to put them on the road to recovery.

The outcome

As a result, the client was able to develop an effective campaign to address the specific areas of perceptual weakness we identified. Once prize delivery resumed, we were able to measure how progress was being made towards rebuilding the brand.

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