Great advertising needs great teams

Communications is more of a team sport than ever which means all great advertising, as Mike would have it, is not simply about having a great client. It’s about having a great and diverse team.

Creating an ecosystem of the right talents, skill sets and specialisms has become an integral part of the strategy. If technology has taught us anything it’s that we can’t do everything by ourselves. The complexities of modern communications mean advertising has become more of a team sport because no one person knows the answer anymore.

Which means unleashing our entrepreneurial instincts. Not just internally. As an industry, the beliefs Mike outlined are now shared among a broader range of self-interested groups, so great advertising today is more likely to look like a partnership – with a designer, a cause or a social platform.

Great advertising today is more likely to look like a partnership – with a designer, a cause or a social platform

In such a complex world, it’s imperative you learn how to play nice on the team. Of course, the first partner you need is your client. Because marketing changes so dynamically, unless you’re joined at the hip you’re not going to make effective change.

Equally, partnering with smaller and more innovative companies with fewer rules and processes can reap dividends. Advertising can benefit from the input of technology companies who seek different kinds of solutions. Everything is a medium, everything can become a media channel.

Creativity stems from the team of people behind an ad, an idea, an organisation. The best advertising comes from great, diverse teams, from alternative backgrounds with divergent motivations and perspectives.

That’s when the magic happens, when advertising is created that is relevant, has resonance, and is created in the right context, for different audiences with different values and on different formats.

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