The Grocer: Hall & Partners comment on the Union Jack & packaging

May 7, 2021

Hall & Partners Global CEO, Vanella Jackson was recently quoted in an article for The Grocer: ‘Culture war: should British brands fly the union flag on packaging?

The article discusses how the newest front in Britain’s culture war is seeping into food and drink. So should brands adopt the union flag on packaging and marketing – or steer clear?

It is so sad that what was once a source of pride now has the ability to divide people,” says Vanella Jackson, CEO of market research agency Hall & Partners.

The flag remains a damaged brand, in search of an urgent refresh” amid the divided political climate. Brand Britain is languishing in the wreckage of the post-Brexit storm. There is no clear vision of the future

Vanella Jackson

The Grocer, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012, leads the market as the UK’s only paid-for online service and weekly magazine with coverage of the whole FMCG sector.

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