Dynamic New Partnership Between Hall & Partners And Dynata Will Transform The Future Of Insights | Hall & Partners

Dynamic new partnership between Hall & Partners and Dynata will transform the future of insights

Dynata’s connected data capabilities and innovative technology will power Hall & Partners’ award-winning news and data storytelling platform, accelerating insights and consultancy to market

Hall & Partners, a global strategic brand consultancy, and Dynata, the world’s largest data and insights platform, today announced a unique partnership and agreement to accelerate insights to market for greater agility in research and decision-making. Dynata’s data capabilities and advanced technology will power The Hub, Hall & Partners’ data visualization and storytelling platform, reimagining the conventional data and insight business blueprint. This new model is poised do away with traditional processes, outdated structures and lengthy timescales associated with data, research and insights.

The profound and rapid change in consumer behaviour and attitudes in 2020 has accelerated the need for market research to transform dramatically in response to these ever-shifting trends. Never before has the world of insight needed to be more connected, more instantaneous, and more inspiring as brands are forced to mirror what is important to people in the “new normal.” Brands now recognise that a new insight model is not just desirable, but essential in this new consumer-led era.

To help brands navigate an uncertain new future, at speed, the Hall & Partners and Dynata partnership enables brands to harness the global scale and rich depth of Dynata’s fully-permissioned first-party data, connected data sources, and innovative solutions for automation, analysis and reporting with Hall & Partners’ expertise and data visualization and storytelling capabilities. The Hub facilitates robust data visualisation, data integration, storytelling and journalism, paired with best-in-class expertise that brings data to life and turns insights into action. Together, this reduces the time to insights and transforms the way organizations gain operational efficiencies and uncover competitive advantage.

This transformative offering is powered by the Dynata Insights Platform, a revolutionary, all-in-one solution that drives the marketing continuum, including audience selection, connected data, surveying, and campaign activation and optimization. Integrating that technology in The Hub helps Hall & Partners enable their researchers to focus on creating strategic insights that drive growth and inform better marketing decisions, while spending less time collecting the data.

Vanella Jackson, Global CEO of Hall & Partners, says, “2020 has forced organisations to react with the fast-forward button permanently pressed, heightening the value of rapid, data-led, actionable insights. Our new transformational collaboration with Dynata, a long-standing partner, allows us to give brands an inspirational insight model fit for the future. Together, we will co-create new products like ‘Alive Segmentation,’ and make a valuable contribution in helping brands to rebuild and drive growth”.

“The scale, depth and richness of our first-party data, connected to our clients’ data and other sources, is at the heart of everything we do,” said Gary S. Laben, CEO, Dynata. “Our Dynata Insights Platform brings this to life, pairing high-quality data with easy, automated tools for the entire marketing lifecycle, freeing Hall & Partners from the ‘back office’ functions of research and insights so they can focus on client-facing activities. This is the blueprint to transform research and insights, delivering competitive advantage, enabling our clients to build new products and services and to create opportunities for revenue and growth.”

The first pioneering new product in the pipeline will fundamentally change the segmentation landscape forever, giving brands “live,” refreshable insights at the click of a button. Powered by connected data and machine learning, this new “live” segmentation will update organically, revealing what people are seeing, feeling, thinking and doing, right now. “Alive Segmentation” will break down the long-standing constraints of static segmentations that prevent marketers from making on-going, influential decisions and maximizing return on investment.

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