Big win at The Next Generation Market Research Awards

Hall & Partners today announced that its integrated data platform, The Hub, has won the NGMR Innovative Research Deployment Award for 2015.

In addition, The Hub’s founder, Oliver Hayward, was named a finalist in the NGMR Individual Achievement Award—recognised for demonstrating outstanding leadership as a change agent.

The Hub is a pioneering data integration and publishing platform, which enables Insights professionals to become brand journalists, turning data and insights into memorable and actionable, bite-sized stories. The Hub helps clients make the most of all their data, with the ability for decision-makers to dig into multiple data sets directly from the stories, using intuitive, dynamic visualisations, all on their tablets.

The Hub has and will remain pioneering, engaging and one of a kind; this recognition is truly deserved

Hall & Partners Partner and Hub founder, Oliver Hayward said, “ We’ve been on a four-year journey of adaption and growth with The Hub. From its inception, it has been a collaborative process with an incredible team, and I am so proud to see it get this recognition. We know that this is just the beginning of what we can do with the platform, and are looking forward to continued innovation in 2016.”

Hall & Partners Global CEO, Vanella Jackson said, “The Hub was born out of a recognition of client needs and a clear gap in the market. Oliver and his team have worked relentlessly to ensure that The Hub has and will remain pioneering, engaging and one of a kind; this recognition is truly deserved.”

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