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Can automation technology make agencies cheaper, faster and better?

Having positively galloped through the last 25 years, working with some brilliant folk developing campaigns across many sectors, I couldn’t have imagined how fast and far things would change.

While consumer expectations are forever rising, with a clear majority responding to hyper-personalised experiences across multiple touchpoints, many brands and agencies simply aren’t internally structured to deliver the goods.

As an industry whose sole purpose is to change people’s thinking, and ultimately behaviour, the familiar ‘manual’ ways of working simply aren’t fit for purpose. Clearly, most brands and agencies know this, and many are investing heavily in off-the-shelf technology to try and deliver one-to-one communications.


Our growing ranks of marketing scientists have increasingly sophisticated tools to make sense of the signals to provide deeper understanding of consumer behaviour. But that’s only half of the solution…

In order to deliver data-driven mass-personalisation – or omnichannel communications – we must also be able to automate creative content production at scale. It doesn’t sound very sexy, but it’s more vital than ever.

As in most sectors, any level of automation is initially viewed with scepticism as it could affect the way teams are structured – and possibly ‘the craft’.

Only too recently did I stop thinking Don Draper was The Man and actively embrace the automation technology available

However, as the big players continue to buy or build technology platforms that promise to ‘solve marketing’, there remain clients that haven’t taken the leap for fear of becoming wedded to a single platform.

Only too recently did I stop thinking Don Draper was The Man and actively embrace the automation technology available, to understand what it can – and can’t – do to transform marketing.

Ultimately by providing the marketing technology that connects consumers with the most relevant content, we can (finally) deliver on the promise of ‘cheaper, faster, better’.

Don Draper wouldn’t recognise the place!

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